Security is a Perception

There was a time when creating a life of security was what I believed was the goal for living. I see now that it was that thinking that kept me in a "box" living a life where I wasn't being completely true to myself.  Sure I had things about my life I was happy with, but I couldn't ignore this gnawing at my soul whispering "there's something else for you to be doing, Margi".   It was as if my inner self was trying to get my attention to move outside of my comfort zone to create the life that was in line with who I knew I was born to be.

And in November 2014 a defining moment occurred.  I was informed that the place I had worked for the last 10 years was going to be closing and I was going to be out of a job.   Talk about the carpet being pulled out from under me!  BAM!  That hit hard!   WHAT was I going to do?  I had worked at a full time job for the last 25 years.  I didn’t want to “start over” at the beginning in my career.   I knew I had a solid professional career, yet the jobs I’d be happy doing weren’t readily available and I knew I couldn’t just take anything because I wasn’t being true to my calling.

So I began reaching for the tools I had learned over the years to move me through challenges.  I turned to consistent prayer and meditation to quiet the chatter that had become loud in my mind so that I could be guided to my next steps.

While I didn’t anticipate being at this transition in my life, I had a strong sense it was where I was supposed to be and I’d see signs that would point me where I was meant to go.  Shortly after starting unemployment I was invited to apply for a program for professionals who want to pursue self-employment.  I applied and was accepted based on some previous work I did, yet didn’t have a clear vision what my “self-employment” would consist of.   I signed up for a life coaching certification class earn a certification, I attended business seminars to learn more about being self-employed and I soaked up all the information and positive energy I could from others who were successful as entrepreneurs.  Each step of this journey I have been blessed with signs to point me in a certain direction and inspiring people who would lift me up.

I had always thought that having a full time job was security and the only way to survive.  And while I’m not suggesting people quit their job, what I’ve learned is that I have been able to survive better than I had thought and I’m thriving as an entrepreneur!

And while self-employment isn’t an easy road, it has been richly rewarding beyond my wildest dreams.  I have met some amazing and inspirational people.  I have been met with opportunities that I might not have been open too otherwise.  I have realized that while I don’t have the security of a pay check I end up with everything I need and oftentimes more!   I am blessed with supportive people and amazing opportunities before me!

And as I look back during that like changing time last November, I have such gratitude for choosing to take the path where I said “YES” to following my heart!   I have found that by taking the unchartered path I found true security … the sense within that as long as I’m true to myself I am okay and will be okay.   There is nothing I need to cling to so I feel secure.  I feel FREER than I’ve ever felt and so grateful for seeing that darkness last November as truly LIGHT!



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