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About Margi Taber




Do you remember the dreams you had as a child?


This picture of my younger self is a reminder to connect with those experiences that make me feel ALIVE while realizing that it's never too late to reconnect with those things that maybe got put aside because “life got in the way”.







Margi Taber, CTACC, CASAC, NCAAC, is an exceptional coach with two decades of devotion to transforming lives.  She has seen many people move beyond boundaries to live a life of purpose. Her invaluable experience, unmatched expertise and innovative techniques have proven to generate consistent life changing results.

Margi draws on her experience and knowledge as a certified coach empowering public speakers to develop a dynamic stage presence, increase their audience and build a bold business platform.  She assists speakers in the promotion of their message via trainings, keynotes and other speaking opportunities.  She is a weaver of connections bringing people together for a common goal of collaborating to create a transformative impact.

Margi began her career working within the field of substance use disorders and has supported adults, adolescents, and families by developing programs that promote bold moves for a better life Because Actions Matter ~ BAM!

Margi’s expertise has been sought after by private and public organizations and at present she sits as Vice President of Programs & Operations for the ROCKSTAR SUPERSTAR PROJECT where she is instrumental in helping countless people to recognize their value, gifts, and dreams to be awakened.

In 2014, Margi was awarded The Helen Guthrie Memorial Youth Advocate of the Year Award and boasts several publications over the last 10 years, including Why Adolescent Care is So Important; Recovery Today; Co-authored with C. Bowers, T.  Howard and K. Cafferty (2009) and Adolescence:  A Journey in Adulthood; NAADAC News (2008).

People have described their experience working with Margi as uplifting, heart-centered, empowering, trustworthy, open, insightful, and compassionate. She demonstrates an ability to help others shift their perspective from seeing challenges to acknowledging situations as opportunities allowing them to move beyond boldly.   One client identified their experience working with Margi as a process similar to rising like the Phoenix coming through stronger, wiser and transformed!

Margi values family, friends and spending time with those who encourage us to be our best, most authentic self.  She likes spending time near water, meditating, reading, spiritual growth, writing, and creating opportunities for people to realize their value.

Margi is driven by the belief that life is our stage, those who come into our world are the characters, and most importantly the story is OURS to write!



A Shout Out to ... Chelsea Golya Photos!

One of the things I am passionate about is supporting others in the creation of their own story ... their dream!   You will see thoughout my site photos by Chelsea Golya Photos.  I met Chelsea last year at a family event and was in awe of her breathtaking pictures.   As she embarks on her dream to build a photography business, I would like to show my support by sharing with you some of her photos on my website.   Please reach out to Chelsea if you are interested in learning more about her work.




Chelsea Golya finds passion in photography.   She has an astonishing ability to catch a moment that lasts forever in a single picture.   Chelsea feels alive when she is tapped into her creativity and it shows in her pictures.  She finds taking pictures her peaceful oasis; a space where time stands still.  One of her greatest joys is taking a picture, making it her own and being proud of the finished photo.

She has done photoshoots for senior photos, couples and for bands and captures the most breath-taking moments through photos of nature.   Chelsea’s goal is to be a full time photographer either working for a company or having her own studio.

Some other interests include teaching herself the skill of applying makeup by watching tutorials from professional makeup artists and writing poetry.  For more info on Chelsea Golya Photos or to book a photoshoot or purchase a print contact Chelsea on Facebook or Instagram @ Chelsea Golya Photos