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to a place where our stories matter!

The story of our life is OURS to write.  Margi Taber empowers others who have a story to share to develop a dynamic stage presence, increase their audience and build a bold business platform via coaching & promotion.

Designing YOUR life so it blossoms!

Designing YOUR life so it blossoms!

Are you ready to co-create with a coach transforming your life by designing the life you desire to live?

Are you in touch with the dreams you had for your life when you were younger?   Do you know who are you?  Why are you here?   It's when we know the answers to these questions that we can begin to create the life we were intended to live.

It’s never too late to recreate our story or make a new, more vibrant story that resonates with our soul.

Why Choose Margi

Being part of a support network to assist others in designing their "story" or sharing their "story" to make a difference in the life of another is what drives Margi's passion.   Her vision is to create opportunities that support others in finding their voice leaving an imprint that brings light into this world.  And that's what she wants her legacy to be made of!
  • a The process of coaching supports a person who is here and wants to be there ... get to there!   Are you where you want to be with your life?
  • b Getting YOUR story or message out to the masses takes persistence, work and dedication.   It's hard to promote yourself so let's build your platform together.
  • c And most importantly - To be inspired is a good thing, yet to inspire others is simply MAGNIFICENT!

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