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I have had the privilege of working with Margi in several capacities. The first of which was in the planning phase of the first ever Rockstar Superstar Project music tour in 2011. This tour featured my band CircleIICircle playing songs from the latest Rockstar Superstar Project album "Serenity" as well as select CIIC songs at five alcohol and substance abuse recovery events in the Northeast. Margi has a real passion for planning and organization and I learned a great deal from observing her putting those skills into action with the various organizational promoters she worked with in the planning phase of the tour. I also was able to work with Margi in the execution of the tour as she was ever-present on the road with us during the actual tour phase. She gave us a lot of hands-on help in all areas in support for the events that she had carefully planned. I was impressed at the fact that Margi was not satisfied with successfully planning and booking a tour until she was present at all the events lending her support and guidance in a manner that ensured that those events went according her planning and vision. One of the most important things I learned from Margi is that detailed event planning is one thing, but hands-on successful execution is the key to success. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Margi not only because she has a passion for making everything she touches a success, but because she's a very caring person who has been in the business of helping people for many years.


Zak Stevens, Vocalist, Circle II Circle